Gardenigloo USA


Read before starting !

  1. Build the frame of Gardenigloo by following the steps of the installation diagram.
  2. If the air temperature is below 10°C, keep the cover in room temperature until the assembly of the frame is completed.
  3. The transparent cover (winter garden cover) is folded and packed inside-out. When putting it on the frame, be sure that the stitches are inside and the door zipper is open. See the installation video at
  4. Before installing, be sure that the ground is leveled and firm for anchorage. Soft grounds like sand, grassland, muddy surfaces, etc, may not be firm enough for using the parts provided as the anchorage kit (metal clamps and plastic poles). In this case an extra foundation is recommended before installation.




It is highly recommended to fix your Gardenigloo to the ground.

During late spring/summer months, you shall remove your winter garden cover, since inside of your Garden Igloo can reach high air temperatures which won't be suitable for your plants anymore. In summer time, you can use your Garden Igloo, with the canopy cover as a cozy gazebo (see accessories page at Protecting your transparent cover from high UV exposure will extend its useful life.

Both covers might be damaged when in contact with cigarettes and other flame sources.

Do not machine-wash, bleach, tumble dry, iron, dry-clean. Use a moist microfiber cloth for cleaning the cover.