Gardenigloo USA


We guarantee that the materials and workmanship in every Gardenigloo product will stand up to its intended use. We offer a 1-year limited warranty from to purchase date for faults in manufacture. We will always attempt a repair and offer spare parts before replacement, where possible. We do not provide a warranty against failure or damage due to the alteration of the product. We don’t offer alterations or modifications for any of our products, as they may hinder the product’s original design and therefore jeopardize its performance. This would void the warranty on the item. This warranty does not cover failure or damages due to misuse or damages sustained after purchase, damages caused by improper care, accidents or incorrect anchoring, poor maintenance, abuse or neglect, abrasions, tears, UV degradation or using the product outside its intended use, or the natural breakdown of materials over time. A product showing signs of age (fabric that’s become thin or faded, or has developed tears; a zipper that no longer catches; fraying cuffs, etc.) is often the result of natural breakdown. We’ll take this into consideration when evaluating your warranty claim. Products should be returned to us for evaluation, and will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. The warranty process: For international warranty questions or claims, please contact the Gardenigloo representative in your country. Check our web site for a list of international subsidiaries and distributors. Please note: Customers are responsible for shipping items to Gardenigloo. We will cover the return shipping. Please ensure that you ship the product with a reputable carrier that can provide tracking information and proof of delivery. Customers are responsible for their product until we sign for delivery. All shipping must be pre-paid and insured. Gardenigloo cannot be held responsible for packages lost in transit.


  1.  If the Gardenigloo product does not function in it's intended use; We as Gardenigloo USA cover damages or complications caused by material defects or workmanship errors.
    However, we do NOT cover third-party/user errors or mistakes. Such as; from harsh handling, inattentive utilization and poor maintenence. (i.e.: The zipper being forced by the user. The Gardenigloo being subject to wildlife. Using harmful chemicals on the Gardenigloo cover.)
  2. We urge you to plan beforehand for any unexpected complication. For this, we recommend that you also purchase an "Emergency Spare parts kit".
    Furthermore, Specialized spare-parts requests are available here on our website.
    However, specialized spare parts requests take time to process and are subject to the wait time of our fulfillment. We urge you to have an Emergency Spare parts kit beforehand - to utilize repair of any possible missing, damaged or unusable parts, without being subject to delivery wait time.
  3. We urge you to check with your local Fire Department and Local Building Code to see if the Gardenigloo may be possibly ineligible for use in your area. (Such as commercial use, specific regulations regarding size and so on.) The Gardenigloo’s intended use is for recreational purposes, to the owner’s discretion. Although the Gardenigloo itself may cause no harm, such authority is tied to regulations. 
  4. We as Gardenigloo USA LLC have been distributing the product “Gardenigloo 360” since 2016. We have been distributing to USA and Canada for years. We must mention that very rarely such issues came up regarding “Fire Retardancy” and “Building code”. These issues then were solved by providing various documentation. Please understand that if the Gardenigloo does not match up with regulations of your area, it will be difficult to help your circumstances. 
  5. We as Gardenigloo USA LLC are willing to cooperate with any Fire Department / Local Council with concerns to the GardenIgloo product. We will provide inspectors / owners / customers with test results and specifications where possible. 
  6. However, the regulations in your area may have some specific differences compared to nationwide standards. We as Gardenigloo USA LLC claim that although there is no inherent fire risk, and that the utilization of the Gardenigloo is up to the owner’s discretion. To be on the safe side, we urge you to conduct your own research in your local vicinity so that you may fully utilize the Gardenigloo. 
  7. When checking for info, please note that we have an available spec sheet on our website. Issues regarding regulation can tend to be tricky, so be sure to compare what is dictated to what information has been provided to you. (Such as size, a unique certification, snow load, resistance, height, etc.)
  8.  You may always contact us on E-mail or by phone to ask questions and advice regarding any issues concerning the Gardenigloo’s utilization and assembly.